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Eyeme’s vision is to design products that will keep pedestrians and cyclists visible and safe in traffic while also remaining fashion-conscious.

Living in Copenhagen, we mostly move about as pedestrians – and even more often as cyclists.

Staying safe in traffic can often be a risky affair, especially in those long, gloomy Scandinavian winter months. There is the hustle of people hurrying to and from work, kids on their way to school, babies in cargo-bikes or strollers, joggers and dog walkers – all of them really hard to spot, even for the most experienced and careful driver.


The idea was obvious. The hard work began by working on a design that is functional, fashionable and comfortable all at the same time – a reflective product that is something you’d really want to wear, not just because you have to.


We believe we have succeeded. In our first collection, we have designed a merino wool scarf with a minimalistic Scandinavian look. During the day, the scarf will just add to your personal style, but at night it will glow under the luminescence of reflected light.


The scarf can be worn in many ways – and will of course also keep you warm in a “hyggelig” way…

Photo: Andreas Mikkel

be stylish · be seen· be safe
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