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Our pilot project and first collection is a knitted unisex wool scarf and buff with stripes of retro-reflective thread.

The unique structure of the design allows for the reflective yarn to be extremely visible when illuminated while remaining soft to  touch.


Colours: Charcoal with light grey stripes

Size scarf: One size, unisex, 35 cm wide, 175 cm long

Size buff: One size, unisex, 35 cm high, 53 cm circumference

Care: Hand wash. Flat dry. No iron.

Made in: Europe

Material: Cashwool, made exclusively in Italy from the finest merino wool.

Reflective thread: Polyester tape with reflective glass beads

eyeme with reflection
eyeme without reflection
eyeme scarf, photo: Andreas Mikkel
eyeme close up
eyeme buff
eyeme buff
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